Accelerated Climate Prediction Initiative (ACPI) Pilot Program
at the Scripps Institution of Oceaongraphy

Papers that have come out of the pilot-ACPI project.

Christensen, N.S., Wood, A.W., Lettenmaier, D.P. and R.N. Palmer, 2002. Effects of Climate Change on the Hydrology and Water Resources of the Colorado River Basin. Climatic Change (in review).

Payne, J.T., A.W. Wood, A.F. Hamlet, R.N. Palmer, and D.P. Lettenmaier, 2002. Mitigating the effects of climate change on the water resources of the Columbia River basin. Climatic Change (in review).

Pierce, D.W., 2002. Future changes in biological activity in the North Pacific due to anthropogenic forcing. Climatic Change (submitted).

Van Rheenen,N.T., A.W. Wood, R.N. Palmer and D.P. Lettenmaier, 2002. Potential Implications of PCM Climate Change Scenarios for Sacramento - San Joaquin River Basin Hydrology and Water Resources. Climatic Change (in review). text figures

Last modified: 6 December 2002