Ncview on Ubuntu

I've received various helpful comments from people on how to get ncview working on Ubuntu.  I want to thank everyone who has sent in a report. I'm not including your name or email address only because I don't want you to get spam because of me, not because I don't appreciate your contributions!



Hi David,

In response to your comment on the ncview homepage about compiling
ncview on Ubuntu, I believe Ubuntu stores X libraries in a non-standard
location (/usr/lib rather than /usr/X11R6/lib). I have tested ncview on
Ubuntu 7.04 and found that "./configure --x-libraries=/usr/lib" seems to
do the trick. Also it was necessary to install the "xorg-dev" and
"netcdfg-dev" packages for some extra X headers and netcdf headers
respectively. I hope this information can be some help to other users.

A.D., University of East Anglia


   I tried to compile the version you sent me, it happens the same thing as with version 1.93c. However, I managed to solve it by installing some other packages that DO NOT come with Ubuntu out of the box. I copied below the workaround, it might be useful to others:
1- Installing xlibs-dev (apt-get install xlibs-dev) solves the error in configure.

2- Then during make, it complains about missing files (mostly xxx.h). Running apt-file search xxx.h shows that those files belong to the following packages:
Installing those packages solves the problem.

Thanks for your help, best regards, Uriel.

Hi David,
[...]  Just to let you know your
ubuntu configuration option for installing ncview works, but only if you first
install the package "xorg-dev" which was not installed by default on my system.
Also, you have to install the netcdf-dev (or whatever) before ncview, which worked
fine. I did get a message that ppm (to do with making mpegs) would not be available.
Finally, and I don't believe it, my kubuntu did not have "make" installed by

All the best,
University of Cyprus

Thanks for developing/maintaining this great package!

[...] The problem for those people is that
they have not actually installed the headers they need. I found that
everything build fine if I install the (standard) packages paintlib-dev
(for ppm support), libxaw-headers, libxaw6-dev.


Your hint is fine, but you still have to install some packages first:

apt-get install libxt-dev xaw3dg-dev
apt-get install libnetpbm10-dev # ppm support

in addition to this is two links are needed:
cd /usr/include/X11 ; ln -s Xaw3d Xaw
cd /usr/lib/ ; ln -s

(this looks inconsistent as we mix Xaw3d header with the Xaw lib, but
anyway) after that
./configure --x-libraries=/usr/X11R6/lib
make install

does the job!

I suggest you to add this info to your ncview page ;-)



First of all I want to say I use ncview all the time so thank you for
creating it.

I've recently got a new laptop running ubuntu so I compiled and
installed ncview onto it. The instructions on the ncview webpage
worked, but I needed to install the following before they did:
libxaw7-dev and libxaw-headers. You asked to be told if the fix works
hence the e-mail.

Also (rather embarresingly) I didn't realised I needed to install
netcdfg-dev for the header files instead of simply netcdf3. More
details can be found at so maybe a link
there from your website for ubuntu users might be an idea?

Anyway, thank you again for a good programme,


Thanks again to all the ncview users sending in their reports!