California-Nevada Precipitation Page

"Clark County, Nevada (Las Vegas area)" station list

Entries show station weight (percent), station latitude (degrees N), station longitude (degrees E), and station name for each of the stations in the index.

1 13.65 36.072 -115.163 LAS VEGAS AP       
2 16.42 36.551 -114.458 OVERTON            
3 16.70 36.279 -116.003 PAHRUMP            
4 19.92 36.438 -115.360 DESERT NWR         
5 33.31 35.466 -114.922 SEARCHLIGHT    

The station weight is based on the average annual precipitation at that station, so that a wet station contributes more to the final index that does a dry station. The final weight is normalized so that the sum of all the weights adds up to 100%.

Stations are selected based on two criteria. 1) They must have a relatively long (50 year or more) record with few interruptions. 2) They must be updated nearly every day by the California Nevada River Forecast Center.

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