California-Nevada Precipitation Page

"Reno/Carson City, Nevada" station list

Entries show station weight (percent), station latitude (degrees N), station longitude (degrees E), and station name for each of the stations in the index.

1  9.51 38.999 -119.157 YERINGTON          
2 12.82 39.484 -119.771 RENO AP            
3 16.99 38.955 -119.776 MINDEN             
4 23.66 39.313 -119.648 VIRGINIA CITY      
5 37.02 39.075 -119.941 GLENBROOK       

The station weight is based on the average annual precipitation at that station, so that a wet station contributes more to the final index that does a dry station. The final weight is normalized so that the sum of all the weights adds up to 100%.

Stations are selected based on two criteria. 1) They must have a relatively long (50 year or more) record with few interruptions. 2) They must be updated nearly every day by the California Nevada River Forecast Center.

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