Here is some software I’ve written and make available to the net, including:

  • Ncview: the netCDF data file viewer. This is extremely useful if you ever use netcdf format files, as it lets you get a good feeling for what’s in the file extremely quickly.
  • the CalCalcs routines: C-language software for calendrical computations. There is other calendar software out there, but this is all open source (unlike some other packages). And, in particular, it handles odd, non-standard calendars that are used in some Global Climate Models (such as calendars that don’t have leap days).
  • Fix Ubuntu USB, which fixes a problem trying to install Linux from a USB drive. I think this has been fixed in newer versions of Ubuntu, but it’s here in case you need it.
  • An EOF (empirical orthogonal function) routine, in case you want to roll your own or don’t have access to a good analysis package with a pre-existing EOF routine.
  • Some older software that is here mostly for historical interest, including: Udunits-IDL, a native interface to the Udunits package for the IDL analysis system from RSI; FXDR, the Fortran to XDR library; and fixtape, for use with SCSI tape drives on Linux systems.